May 15, 2011
The following list contains the names of those volunteers about who Tim Kearney writes. They are what made Landscape Ontario’s Green for Life garden something that will not soon be forgotten. If we have left out a name of a deserving volunteer, contact the magazine, so that we may ensure the name is published in the next edition of Horticulture Review.

Humber College: Harry Chang, Collette Bacchus, Melanie Beacham, Amanda Bishop-Ashe, Sri Chandrakanth, Janet Cuff, Dana DeKuyper, Merita Dinaj, Yverine Dongmo, Nina Gronland, Peggy PEI Hong/Yang, Iku Hiroaka, Maria Lanaverde, Faith Mahi, Jacki McFarlane, Jenny Mei, Suzie Michaels, Tracy Qui, Angelina Targatt, Elizabeth Tuntevski, Laura VanRooy, Jess Woods;

Ambius: Phil VanAlstyne;

Moonstruck Landscape Lighting: Andrew Arsenault, Carl Hastings, Bob Tubby CLP, Mauro Vesia, Lee Franchino, Scott Young, Scott Boere, Stefan Koechlin, Murray Macken;

Armstrong Landscaping: Ian Armstrong, Aj White; Balfour Greenhouses: Sandy Harrison, Gord Sherwood;

Bellaire Landscape: Bob Bellaire, Mike Bellaire, Olivia Bellaire, Rob Musson, Chris Power;

Boot’s Landscaping & Maintenance: Gerald Boot CLP, John Boot CLT, CIT, Gregory Bouwman, Collin  Brasz, Paul Brasz, Kirby Brock CIT, Christiaan Dannrath, Ryan Haluska CLT, CIT Brian Streight, Jack VandeRee CLT, Victor Velastegui, Michelle White;

Designed By Shannon: Shannon Martin;

Burl-Oak Landscaping: Lou’ay Sulaiman;

Milton District High School: Shayla Supo, Mitch Wiesner;

Christine’s Touch Gardening: Christine Moffit;

Christopher J Clayton Landscape: Eric Louie, Chris Clayton;

Connon Nurseries, NVK Holdings: Brent Vanderkruk, Mark Vanderkruk, Dave Vandermulen;

Cypress Hill Design and Build: Richard Portelance; Beth Edney CLD;

Dr. Landscape: Stephen Coffin, Terrance Coffin, Anthony Lombardi CLP, CLD, B.A., Daniel Pirrie; Double

Tree Landscaping: Tico Chavez, Greivin Chavez; Blair McKergow;

Dry Stone Guild of Canada: Sean Donnelly, Isaac Kirwin, Dean McLellan, Reid Snow;

Earth Art Landscapes: Pat Elo CLT, Kris Flindall, Jeremy Graham, Brian Marsh, Ken Marsh, Ian Rootham, Kurtis Vesby;

Environmental Design Landscaping Contractors: Glenn Bridge, Jacob Torenvliet, Mark Torenvliet, Nicholas Torenvliet, Nick Torenvliet, Shannon Vanderkruk;

Garden Creations of Ottawa: Dianna Dawson CLT, Ryan Kearney CLT, Tim Kearney CLP, Tyler Kearney, Paul Kelly, Tim O’Brien CLT;

Gardens in the City: Chaz Morenz;

Gelderman Landscaping: Jason Felker CLT, Harry Gelderman, Shawn Lefebvre,

GreenDesign Landscaping: Kassie Harvey, Rick Harvey CLT, CLP; Mykola Kachmar, Jim Nisumann;

Hofstetter Landscaping: Rick Hofstetter;

J Garfield Thompson Landscape: Peter Patterson, James Thompson OALA;

Kobes Nursery: Norm Mills;

Leaside Landscaping: Jorge Capiro, Chris Mace; Living Landscapes: Kim Goodwin;

M. Putzer Hornby Nursery: John Cordingly, Richard Laurie;

Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School: Robert Russo, Joshua Crowe, Dennis DeJong, Anthony DiFranco, Mitchell D’Souza, Michael Gagne, Tim Hand, Michael Louasi, Allan Nason, Tammy Nason, Samuel Oldsfield, Nick Olshewski, Mike Palermo, Kostas Paliulis, Ursula Russo, Jacob Trevena, David Webssies;

Outside Professional Services: Mark Chidlow, Al King, Dan McLean, Mike O’Connor; Pete Vanderley’s

Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Services: Mark Lambley, Peter Vanderley CLP, Eric Wright; Picture

Perfect Landscaping Quinte: Elaine Bouma, Neil Bouma;

Ryan Heath Professional Landscaping: Ryan Heath CLT, CLP;

Salivan Landscape: Gregg Salivan;

Seferian Design Group: Jeff Bonnett, Meredith Plant BLA, Haig Seferian CLD, OALA, ASLA, BLA, Sally Taylor;

Shademaster Landscaping: Barry Hordyk, Joel Hordyk, Leon Hordyk, Mark Hordyk, Richard Kuizenga, Aaron VanBerckel, Alex Verdonk, Clarence Visser, Oscar Werkmen;

St. Clair College: Camilla Ackroyd, Margaret Baker, Kevin Boggs, Don Clark, Elyse Davenport, Patricia Gadoury, Sonya C. Lovino, Jared Myer, Ana Natyshak, Jason Power, Brad Small, Donald Tellier CLT, Nathan Vickery;

Sycamore Landscape: Chris Bird, Scott Bird, Jason Gaw;

The Beach Gardener: Francois Dussealt, Ryan Owen;

The Cultivated Garden: Barbara Rosensweig, Barb Welburn, Rayne Wildwood;

The Escarpment Company: Mark Fisher;

Thornbusch Landscaping Company: Paul Doornbos CLT, CLP;

Turf Care Products Canada: John Higo, Raymond Josephian, Tammy Stawnyczy;

Water’s Edge Landscaping: Heather Chavuson;

Wright Lawn Care Service: John Wright;

Yards Unlimited Landscaping: Sundaura Alford CLD;

Yorkshire Garden Services: Lindsay Drake Nightingale; Sherry Ing, Kelly Lance, Connie Teplitsky.
Project Manager: Tim Kearney CLP

Operations Manager: Tony Lombardi B.A. CLP CLD

Lead Landscape Designer: Haig Seferian OALA ASLA BLA,

Senior Landscape Designer: Meredith Plant BLA, Water Feature: James Thompson OALA and Paul Doornbos CLP CLT

Plant Acquisitions: Lindsay Drake Nightingale

Hardscape: Ryan Heath CLP CLT

Team leaders

Bellaire Landscape, Boot’s Landscaping and Maintenance, Burl-Oak Landscaping, Christopher J Clayton, Christine’s Touch Gardening, Cypress Hill Design and Build, Double Tree Landscaping, Dr. Landscape, Dry Stone Guild of Canada, Earth Art Landscapes, Environmental Design Landscape Contractors, Garden Creations of Ottawa, Gardens in the City, Gelderman Landscaping, Green Design Landscaping, Greenscape Watering Systems, Humber College, J Garfield Thompson Landscape, Landskeep Horticultural Services, Living Landscapes, Moon Shadow Lighting, Moonstruck Landscape Lighting, Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School, Outside Professional Services, Pete Vanderley’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Services, Picture Perfect Landscaping Quinte, RJ Electrical Services, Rural Roots Landscaping, Ryan Heath Professional Landscaping, Salivan Landscape, Seferian Design Group, Shademaster Landscaping, St. Clair College, Sycamore Landscape, Teamscape, The Beach Gardener, The Cultivated Garden, The Escarpment Company, Thornbusch Landscaping Company, Turf Systems, Water’s Edge Landscaping, Yards Unlimited, Yorkshire Garden Services.

A special thanks to our suppliers:

Balfour Greenhouses, Brad Vanderwoude Sod Farms, Caledon Hills Perennials, Camilla House, Canadale Nurseries, Caradoc Green Roofs (LiveRoof Ontario),Connon Nurseries NVK Holdings, Dodd’s Greenhouses, Filtrexx Canada, Gro-Bark (Ontario), Jill Jensen Botanical Specialist, Lechuza, LiveRoof Ontario, Nursery Sod Grower Association of Ontario, Orchard Park Growers, PAO Associates, Permacon Group, Pick Ontario, Planet Pals, Ravensbergen and Sons, Redbud Supply, Spring Valley Gardens, Sunrise Greenhouses, Tradewinds International, Turf Care Products Canada, University of Guelph Trial Gardens, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, Water Arts, Wierenga Greenhouses.