April 15, 2014
Paul Brydges, Brydges Landscape Architecture; Jeff Lee, Lee’s Landscaping Design and Construction; Tara Galpin, Jim Philip, Cameron Trudeau, Andrew Wentworth, Scott Wentworth, Scott Wentworth Landscape Group; John Higo and Scott Sim CIT, Turf Care Products Canada; Alan White, Turf Systems; and Steve Tschanz, Weed man Canada.

Beth Edney CLD, Designs By the Yard - Design Studio & Boutique; Menno Braam, James D’atri, Ken Davies, Patrick Callon CLT, Mike Wade Henry, Andre Lemieux, Henry Mandawoub, Dean McLellan, Dale Thomas and Matt Wolfe, Dean McLellan Stonework / Saugeen First Nation #29; Jason Beatty, John Hordyk, Sean Kampen, Dave Kok, Justine Lodder, Joshua McCarthy, Edengrove Landscapes; Eric Abrams, David Comfort, Morwyn Griffith, Kyle Haskett, Skylar Holbrook, Corey Leader, Emily Lougheed, Evan MacAdam, Dylan McLeod,  Mark Muehmer, Michael Pascoe CLT, Jessica Rowland, Brandy Suchostowsky, Jaimi Uram, Fanshawe College; Gardens in the City,  Chaz Morenz CLP; Don Voorhees, Landscape Ontario: Lawn Care Sector; Jeff Lee, Lee’s Landscaping Design and Construction; Peter Kriens,  Moonstruck Landscape Lighting; Ben Szajnowski and Tom Szajnowski, Nutri-Lawn Burlington; Gina Brouwer, Brian Ferreira, Matt Ferreira, Steve Ferreira, Tara Galpin, Diane Hill, Jay Middleton CLD, Terry Moffat, Jim Philip, Sian Pritchard, Chuck Turner, Andrew Wentworth, Scott Wentworth, Andrew Wilson,  The Scott Wentworth Landscape Group; Caroline de Vries, TradeWinds International Sales; John Higo and Scott Sim CIT, Turf Care Products; Alan White, Turf Systems; Steve Tschanz, Weed Man Canada; and Menno Braam, Whistling Dwarf Stonework.

Joshua McCarthy, John Hordyk, Justine Lodder,  Sean Kampen, Dave Kok,  Jason Beatty, Edengrove Landscapes; Amanda Coller and Teresa Matamoros, Garden Holistics; Tim Kraemer, Brent Kraemer, Robyn Saunders, Anna Kollmann-Suhr, Keith Heaton, Ground Effects Landscapes; Jeff Lee, Lee’s Landscaping Design and Construction; Jim Philip, Brian Ferreira, Terry Moffat, Steve Ferreira, Matt Ferreira, Andrew Wilson, Andrew Wentworth, The Scott Wentworth Landscape Group; and John Higo and Scott Sim, Turf Care Products.

Beaver Valley Stone, Boots Landscaping and Maintenance, Connon Nurseries  C.B. Vanderkruk Holdings, Designs By the Yard - Design Studio & Boutique, Global Arch, Grenville Stone Company, Ground Effects Landscapes, JP Horizons, Limberlost Stone,  Nicholson and Cates, Nursery Sod Growers Association of Ontario, Outdoor Kitchens Canada, Picton Home Hardware Building Centre, Plant Products, Stonescape Quarry and Fabrication, The Branch Ranch, The Cutting Garden, The Scott Wentworth Landscape Group, Turf Care Products Canada, Unilock and  Upper Canada Stone Company.

If we missed anyone, please notify us and we will include the name in the next issue of Landscape Ontario magazine. Thank you to all of the volunteers who represented the industry in the Landscape Ontario Feature Garden throughout the festival.