April 19, 2021
Canada Blooms Inspiration Series

2021 marks the 25th Anniversary of Canada Blooms: A quarter century of inspiring green thumbs and garden lovers. 

Over the course of the pandemic, people took refuge in nature — hiking, gardening, growing vegetables. Getting your hands and knees dirty is great for the body and the soul. Now that the sun is shining and spring bulbs are emerging, we want to inspire you with some great garden ideas. WE may not be able to make Canada bloom this year...but YOU can! Watch for our new Canada Blooms inspiration videos, hosted by Mark and Ben Cullen, throughout the spring. Then get in the garden, take some shots, and share your gardens with us using the hashtag #CanadaBlooms.

Canada Blooms Inspiration Series

We hope you will share these videos with your social networks to get them excited about gardening this spring!  


Colour is a great way to express your gardening personality. 

Play in the Garden

Don’t we all need just a little bit more fun in our lives?

Art in the Garden

Art and gardens have always been great partners, after all, gardening is a living form of art!

Food Gardening

Food gardening is the fastest growing segment in horticulture.

Water Features

The number one addition you can make to your garden to increase biodiversity is water.

Pathways and Pavers

A well-designed garden pulls you in and shows you where to travel for the full experience of the space along its paths.

Outdoor Rooms

The pros know that every outdoor garden needs an "Outdoor Room!"

Fresh Bouquets

Bring beautiful outdoor blooms inside.

Landscape Lighting

Extends the day and the season — giving you more enjoyment from your garden experience.

Secret Gardens

The very first Canada Blooms festival theme was secret gardens.

Thank you to Unilock and Cullen's Foods for supporting the Canada Blooms Inspiration Series

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