April 24, 2019


The Box Tree Moth Industry Working Group is seeking volunteers to support scouting efforts for this new invasive pest, recently found in the Etobicoke area. Outreach to homeowners and scouting of boxwood plants will be conducted in early evenings and Saturdays over the next two weeks. If you, or someone you know is available to help, please contact Jamie Aalbers, CNLA Growers Manager at jamie@canadanursery.com.


A Landscape Ontario-led control program is being undertaken in the spring and summer of 2019. The objective is early control of this new invasive pest before it has the opportunity to spread further. The control program will employ a targeted spray program at those properties where box tree moth has been found. The biological insecticide, Dipel 2X DF (Btk) has been approved for use. It is expected that Dipel’s status as an effective biological will greatly enhance homeowner cooperation.
Dipel is most effective when sprayed at the first instar larval stage of the box tree both. The first appearance of this stage is expected to be in early May. Community outreach and scouting needs to be completed soon!
Volunteers will be provided with the necessary tools to explain the pest and its significance to homeowners, to scout for the pest and to inspect boxwood plants for signs of pest damage. Properties where box tree moth are found will be communicated to Landscape Ontario to support the targeted spray program. 
These findings will also be shared with Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), to support a surveillance program. CFIA needs to better understand the extent of this pest before they can determine if a regulatory response is required.

Help find box tree moth

If you live in the Etobicoke area, there is also an opportunity to be part of CFIA’s Citizen Science Monitoring Program for Box Tree Moth. On May 9 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., at James Gardens, 99 Edenbridge Dr., Etobicoke, CFIA, OMAFRA and LO will distribute surveillance kits along with training on how to use them to report any findings of the box tree moth. See the attached poster for more information, or contact Erin.Bullas-Appleton@canada.ca (text 519-820-4205) to sign up.
We encourage all industry members be on the look-out for this pest as they work with Buxus species in their daily landscape work. Suspect sightings can be reported to LO, to www.inspection.gc.ca/pests or www.eddmaps.org/ontario/. This information will assist in evaluating the threat and will help direct the next steps for Canada.
If you have a box tree Moth siting to report, please contact Meghan Greaves, Landscape Ontario Membership Coordinator, at mgreaves@landscapeontario.com or 1-800 265-5656, ext 2301.