May 11, 2021
Top four benefits of raised garden beds
frank ferragine
Frank Ferragine
Raised garden beds are on the rise and like any up and coming fad, the first question on everyone's mind is: are they worth it?

“A raised garden bed is really anywhere we can grow on top of something,” explains garden communicator and broadcaster Frank “Flowers” Ferragine.

The plotted area is typically elevated anywhere from a few inches off the ground to waist high, framed, and given a border of room to walk around. Adding raised beds to your garden is both inexpensive and easy to do.

Here are four reasons why you should consider integrating raised garden beds into your 2021 summer plans.


Every gardener knows the aches and pains that follow a busy day in the garden. Gardening is great exercise! Sometimes though, it’s nice to give your body a rest by working in an easy to access raised bed.

“You don’t have to bend down so far [with a raised bed], so it’s a bit better on the back,” explains Ferragine.

Raised garden beds lift the level of the soil you work with, not only making for easier planting but also come harvest time. It allows gardeners to conduct their work standing up and can make gardening accessible for green-thumbs who live with disabilities.


Raised garden beds create an isolated, protected environment for your plants to prosper. While in-ground gardens are often trodden on, raised gardens leave space for gardeners to walk around each bed. This keeps soil loose and airy, as opposed to compacted from constant foot-traffic that would inhibit the movement of air and water — two key supplements for root growth.

Although a raised garden bed requires a bit more initial set-up than in-ground gardens, once the soil has stabilized, maintenance is far easier. Loose soil facilitates stronger drainage, low levels of weed growth and keeps seasonal tilling to a minimum.

raised garden beds in the sunlight


From brick to wood, a few inches off the ground or propped up on pillars – raised beds can be styled however you want. As a homeowner this means you have complete control over designing something that matches the aesthetic and layout of your garden.

“[Raised beds] can make a dull space an interesting space, but are even fantastic just for food production,” says Ferragine. “They can be fashionable or all depends on what your wants and needs are.”

Better yet, a raised bed can add life to an area that would otherwise be inhabitable. On concrete decks, sloping yards or tough soil — raised beds have the potential to override multiple challenges.

Endless possibilities

As Ferragine says “you name it, you can grow it.”

While often known for vegetables, depending on the amount of sunlight, water and soil composition and depth, your garden can also flourish with flowers, fruits or just about any plant your heart desires!