May 16, 2022
Ontario summer 2022 forecast
By Gail Pope
Journalism Intern, Landscape Ontario

Forecasters say much of Canada can expect a steamy summer in 2022. And in Ontario, the hot weather will come with lots of rain. 
The Farmers’ Almanac says areas around the Great Lakes can expect “seasonably warm” temperatures through July and August, with stretches of intense heat. September, however, will bring a wave of unseasonably cool air. 

The thunderstorms that are anticipated in Ontario through July and August will help offset the heat waves. However, if the storms are severe, they could bring downpours, hail and strong winds which could wreak havoc on farmer fields throughout the province. The Weather Network highlights how large amounts of rain make soil too wet for heavy equipment to operate. This could cause delays to the growing season which could impact supply chains that are still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Warm weather and heavy rain also present growing changes for the average gardener. Fortunately, there are lots of great plants, both edible and ornamental - that do well with lots of water and high heat. 

If you are looking to grow vegetables, opt for ones that naturally have a higher water content. Vegetables like eggplant, cucumber and spinach or fruits like different melons love large amounts of water and also do well in the heat.  If you are interested in growing flowers, there are lots of great varieties that do well in wet conditions. HappySprout recommends more resilient flowers like the monkey flower, iris, and ​​hydrangea. These flowers can survive in harsh conditions, including dry and wet spells. 

girl watreing hydrangeas
There are also ways you can help your garden prepare for a wet summer. Soil moisture control techniques can save plants in gardens exposed to heavy rainfall. DIYNatural explains how products like mulch and manure can be placed near the root system of plants to help absorb excess water. 

DIYNatural also recommends waiting for a few days after a rainstorm to make these changes. With summer having such hot temperatures, excess water can be easily evaporated and leave the plants ready for more. 

From the team at Landscape Ontario, we hope you have a great gardening season in 2022 and that you stay both cool and dry!