February 15, 2013
Timeless — what’s old is new again in LO garden
A dry stone lighthouse will be one of the main attractions at this year’s LO garden.
By Paul Doornbos

The theme of this year’s LO Canada Blooms garden reflects many things, the advancements of the horticultural industry over the years, the growth and development of our trade association, and the powerful message of sustainability.

The sustainability message is clear even among the Canada Blooms 2013 team, with many of the members veterans of the experience.

In honour and celebration of LO’s 40th birthday, we thought we’d try and show the transition of our industry over the years through the evolution of elements and design. Come see old meet new. Elements that have been society’s building blocks over time in the garden are stone, water and plants used as shelter, protection, sign posts or beacons, to protect and feed loved ones, or to provide a space to reflect and ponder.

This year’s LO garden is 2,500 sq. ft. in size and contains some noteworthy elements of interest. The real eye-catcher will be the drystone lighthouse. Also included are a curved water wall, vegetable garden and plants (too many to list), and also a small pictorial look back at the development and advancement of our industry.

We hope that all of you take advantage of discounted tickets to encourage your staff, clients, friends and family to come to Canada Blooms and kick off spring by getting inspired by the commitment and work of your colleagues and peers.

To find more information or to purchase tickets, go to www.horttrades.com/canada-blooms-2013-2.

drawing of a feature garden floorplanAn overview of the 2013 Landscape Ontario garden at Canada Blooms.

Core garden build team

Task leaders, Paul Doornbos CLP, CLT; and Brian Marsh; Steve Carrothers; James Garfield Thompson OALA; Dean McLellan; Paul Brydges OALA; Marina Signer; Sally Harvey CLP, CLT; Pat Elo CLT; Regine Marsh; Ron Swentiski CLD, Jeff Lee, Brandon Gelderman, Connie Cadotte CLD, John Higo, Richard Kuizenga, along with teardown team members to be announced.