February 15, 2014
Peter Guinane
Peter Guinane
Back in 1996, Peter Guinane of Oriole Landscaping in Toronto became involved with Landscape Ontario so that he could help with Canada Blooms.

Since those days he has broadened his involvement with the association far beyond the festival.

He joined the Canada Blooms Board of Directors in 2005, and this past fall he stepped down to pursue other volunteer duties. Last year he joined the CNLA Landscape Canada Committee.    

He has served many years with LO’s Landscape Contractors Sector Group. He currently serves as the group’s chair, and for the past three years has represented the group on the LO provincial board.

Guinane says he was thrilled to help with the restoration of St. James Park in Toronto. “I was asked to contribute my management skills to coordinate 25 or 30 companies in a two-day blitzkrieg! I love a challenge. But with so many professional companies in the spirit of charity, it was actually much easier than I expected and a lot of fun.”

During his time as a volunteer, Guinane has made a great number of friendships among his business competitors. “It may be counterintuitive, but talking to others with similar experiences has helped me learn new and better ways to run my business. By reciprocating, I hope to improve the quality and respect for our industry.”    

He wants to see the association, “work to improve our professionalism. In fact, those are the areas I have been focusing on through my participation. These are goals that don’t have an end target, except to instill the value of professional horticulture as part of our culture.”

Peter Guinane’s record of volunteerism goes back to his time in high school. “Back then, I served meals at the Good Shepherd Refuge every Friday. As an adult, I have been active in the running community and can be seen handing out water at the water stations, if I’m not in the race myself.”

He has also coached soccer for his two sons, and volunteered at their schools for many events. “They are getting too old for that kind of help now, so I am looking forward to finding new opportunities that we can participate in together.”

No doubt, Peter Guinane’s record of giving freely of his time and energy will continue for some time, both in his personal life and professional lives.