We are asking members to acknowledge the following: 

Our Pledge to each other is: 
To honour confidentiality, 
To respect vulnerability 
To offer sincere advice 
To rise above judgement 
To inspire peers with hope 

Our Commitment to our Network is: 
To participate regularly in online discussions 
To engage in Face to Face sessions – ensuring success for all 
To follow up when we say we will. 

Here's what people are saying: 
"Thanks Jackie and Tim, it was like you heard where I was, and what I needed" 
"Great discussion and tools to help me make it work better!" 
"Very comfortable atmosphere and welcome comments." 
"Jackie what a task master ! Tim put the hammer down" 

"Thanks again, looking forward to August ... "
"Peer to Peer is just the right amount of Jackie and Tim ‘Talk’ and group ‘Talk’. It takes a lot to impress me – Call me Sync, it’s okay  – I just didn’t want to join a group where I was ‘talked at’." 
"Jackie and Tim’s leadership of the group is inspiring. Meeting content is informative and timely. They talk, we talk. You won’t want to miss a moment of the meeting, snoozing …Just saying!"

Peer-to-Peer Network
See the latest information on the next Face-to-Face session,
Peer To Peer MUSKOKA Summit  - September 28-29, 2017, Bracebridge