April 15, 2010
This year saw a record number of companies work together to create an amazing garden at Canada Blooms. Long hours, valuable material, wonderful creativity and much sweat went into the generous donations that were impossible to tally in building and dismantling the wow-factor garden. The following are offered a great deal of appreciation for their work to make Canada Blooms an astounding success. If we have missed any names, contact the magazine.


Adele Pierre Landscape Design: Adele Pierre CLD;
Bellaire Landscape:  Chris Power, Bob Bellaire, Robbie Musson;
Boot’s Landscaping & Maintenance: Gerald Boot CLP, John Boot CIT, CHTC, Steve Boot, Gregory Bouwman, Marcos Chipre, Christiaan Dannrath, Ryan Haluska CIT, CHTM, Collin Brasz, Kirby Brock CIT, Carlos Orana, Art Salomons, Brian Streight, Vic Velastegni;
Brookdale Treeland Nurseries: Bruce Warren;
Connon Nurseries/NVK Holdings: Rick Vanderkruk, Paul DeGroot, plus 15 employees; Creative Gardens and Waterscapes: Ross Allin;
Cypress Hill Design and Build: Margaret Abernethy, Richard Portelance;
Designs by the Yard: Beth Edney CLD;
Dr. Landscape: Tony Lombardi CLD;
Dry Stone Guild of Canada: Sean Donnelly, Dean McLellan, Reid Snow;
Dutchman’s Landscaping: Walter Hassleman;
Earth Art Landscapes: Louise Bedford, Pat Elo CHT, Jeremy Graham, Brian Marsh;
Environmental Design Group: Glen Bridge, Frank Oppermann, Koos Torenvliet, Nick Torenvliet, Nick Torenvliet Jr., Mark Torenvliet, Nate Torenvliet, Tony Torenvliet,  Shannon Vanderkruk;  
Garden Creations of Ottawa: Ryan Kearney CHTC, CHTM, Tim Kearney CLP, Tim O’Brien, Grace Poljanec, Diana Dawson, Jason Robinson CHTC, Ryan Kelly CIT, Kent Merkley CHTM, Nathan Armstrong, JC Peacock, Jason Smalley CLD, Lynda Blackburn CHTC, CHTM;
Garden Retreats: Connie Cadotte CLD;
Heritage Green Landscape Contractors: Jeff Lowartz CHTM;
Hirsig Landscapes: Sonja Hirsig;
J. Garfield Thompson Landscaping: James Thompson;
Jan Gelderman Landscaping: Harry Gelderman; Ground Control Contracting: Edward Hewis;
Landscape Gate and Garden: Colin Holwell; Landscape Ontario staff;
Landscape Ontario Past President: Bob Adams
Laurel Forest Farms: Gloria Slade;
MapleRidge Landscapes: Tim Sieders, Kurt Sieders;
Moonstruck Landscape Lighting: Lee Franchino, Carl Hastings, Stefan Keochlin, Adam Lutes, Murray Macken, Conrad Montiero, Blake Tubby, Bob Tubby CLP, Geneva Tubby, Mauro Vesia;
Noldus of Durham: Don Voorhees;
Picture Perfect Landscaping Quinte: Neil Bouma, Elaine Bouma;
Robert Adams Contracting: Bob Adams
Ryan Heath Professional Landscaping: Ryan Heath CLP;
Shademaster Landscaping: Barry Hordyk, plus ten employees;
Sheridan Nurseries: Brenda Luckhardt;
Stam's Nursery: Gerwin Bouman;
The Beach Gardener:
Mark Bradley;
The Cutting Garden: Sian Pritchard;
The Gardening Guy: Norm Mills;
Thornbusch Landscaping: Kim Borthwick, Paul Doornbos CHTM, CLP;
Treefrog Designs: Judy Bell;
Turf Management Systems: Steve Tschanz;
University of Guelph Trial Gardens: Rodger Tschanz;
University of Windsor: Garry Moore;
Water’s Edge Landscaping: Heather Chavusen, Jacki Hart CLP, Sherri Hornsey;
Wildrose Gardening: James Irwin, Rob Reid;
Yorkshire Garden Services: Zita Anuscenko, Lindsay Drake Nightingale, Frank Ferragine, Nicola Kamp, Laurie Leek, Martha Walsh


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