November 15, 2015
Members of Landscape Ontario’s London Chapter were again front and centre in the latest involvement with the Veterans Memorial Parkway Community Program.

Oct. 3 saw a large number of volunteers brave wind and cold to plant 300 trees along the Parkway.

Participating companies who helped prepare the planting site and assist in planting 300 trees include Coldstream Land Escape Company, Jay McKinnon Company, MPH Hardscapes, PGS Landscape, Parkside Landscaping, Rural Roots Landscaping, Sifton Properties and Grant Harrison. Chapter director of the VMP project, Michael Martins thanked the owners of these companies for supporting the project.

Volunteers delivered the 50 mm caliper trees to the planting sites and prepared for the planting by drilling holes for the trees with a 48 in. auger bit. Chapter members also assisted in planting the trees.