August 17, 2021
Flooding in the Netherlands drowns multiple tulip bulb crops
Unprecedented rainfall in Western Europe beginning this July has already cost the lives of almost 200 people and caused upwards of $470 million in damages.

Fortunately, no casualties have been reported in the Netherlands as a result of the flooding, but the rising waters have left a path of destruction across the region, including decimating dozens of crops and tulip bulb farms.

Thanks to swift action by the Canadian Tulip Festival in conjunction with their supplier Tradewinds International and their growers in the Netherlands, the majority of bulbs set to ship to Canada as part of 2021's "Classics" Fall Bulb Planting Campaign have been unaffected by the floods.

Now that bulb harvesting has been completed, it can be confirmed that two of the seven classic varieties available for pre-sale this year with the Canadian Tulip Festival have been partially affected by the floods; the National Velvet tulip bulb and the Hemisphere tulip bulb.

Approximately one-third of the National Velvet tulip bulb stock has been compromised, that portion will be replaced with the nearly identical Pallada tulip, a deep ruby red cultivar.

More concerningly, two-thirds of the Hemisphere tulip bulb crop was lost to the floodwaters and will be replaced with the Jumbo Pink tulip bulb. The colour palette of the Jumbo Pink is similar to Hemisphere, however, the markings on the blooms are flames of lighter pink, instead of the random speckled effect of the Hemisphere tulip.

While working with their supplier and growers on the effects of the flood, the Canadian Tulip Festival also secured 6,000 additional bags of select "Classics" tulip bulbs which will be available upon their arrival from the Netherlands after Labour Day Weekend at

With an anticipated worldwide tulip bulb shortage this fall planting season, supporters of the Canadian Tulip Legacy's 2021 "Classics" tulip bulb fundraiser are in an excellent position to be one of the few Canadians with a spring garden full of tulip blooms in 2022. 

All proceeds of the bulb sales go to support the Canadian Tulip Legacy, a registered charity devoted to commemorating Veterans of the Second World War and the Dutch Gift of Tulips to all Canadians.