May 15, 2018
Connon CBV preps contractors for spring
Experts on various topics were brought in to speak to contractors.
The Connon Nurseries/CBV Holdings crew held a two-day trade open house at its Robson Road location in Waterdown, Ont., March 20-21 featuring full educational seminars created to help landscape contractors and ground managers hit the ground running this spring.

Seminar topics included landscape design concepts for small spaces, annuals and tropical patio plant trends, and new nursery stock and perennials. Special guests were brought in to speak about additional topics, including:
  • Rick Serrao, General Seed, lawn care best practices.
  • Bob Reeves, Root Rescue, microbial life in soil.
  • Ed Sobkowich, Ed Sobkowich Greenhouses, walked the audience through his favourite new plant introductions as well as tried-and-true selections from Proven Winners.
  • Ernest Williams, Aquascape, highlighted how waterscaping can help generate revenue.
At the event, Connon’s Terry Vanderkruk welcomed guests and announced the company will now have a horticulturist on staff answering phones in order to also help with plant related questions.