January 15, 2012
Concept design for 2012 Green for Life garden.
Concept design for 2012 Green for Life garden.
Beauty and creativity, along with some education, will stimulate all five senses of those visiting this year’s Green for Life garden at Canada Blooms.

A joint effort among members of the Landscape Designers and Landscape Contractors sector groups, this year’s display will measure just over 1,300 square feet. The theme of the 16th annual Canada Blooms is City Culture, with doors open from Mar. 16 to 25, in co-location with the National Home Show.

Garden project manager Harry Gelderman of Gelderman Landscaping, says the garden will be “a whimsical look at garden traditions and the progression of cultural design. City culture is based on different ideas and agendas being put forth into a plan that benefits the greater good. Designers, contractors, growers, suppliers and volunteers all see the greater good in presenting a space where everyone benefits.”

Informs and excites

The LO garden committee is looking to create a garden that informs and excites the public in a fairly compact area, compared to previous LO gardens.

The final design team is Paul Brydges and Matthew Hooker, both of Brydges Landscape Architecture; Fred Post CLD, Your Designer Landscapes; Catherine Geraats, Aphrodite Design Group; Jodie Munshaw CLD, Reeves Florist and Nursery and Ron Swentiski CLD, Trillium Associates, assisted by Heather Cullen.

Brydges notes that the group is very focused on creating excitement for those visiting this year’s Canada Blooms. The garden will promote consumer awareness of roses and turf. “From the steadfast Canadian rose family, we delight the sense of smell,” says Brydges. “Visual appeal through fire and reflections catches the eye. Listen to the magic of the wind and the delicate trickle of water.”   

Landscape contractors contributing to the build include Brian Marsh, Earth Art Landscapes; Regine Marsh, Earth Art Landscapes; Barry Hordyk, Shademaster Landscaping; Peter Guinane, Oriole Landscaping; James Garfield Thompson, J. Garfield Thompson Landscapes; Paul Doornbos, CLT, CLP, Thornbusch Landscaping; Janet Ennamorato, Creative Garden Designs; Arthur Skolnik, Shibui Landscaping; Carl Hastings, Moonstruck Landscape Lighting; Rick Van Den Berg, Gerrick Carpentry, and Harry Gelderman.

Discounted tickets

LO members will again be eligible to buy the discounted tickets for Canada Blooms, which will also give access to the National Home Show. The special LO member bar-coded ticket cost is $12, compared to the regular price of $20. Many members purchase entrance tickets to give to their clients, staff and family. For more information, go to www.horttrades.com/canada-blooms-2012. The Canada Blooms website is