April 15, 2013
Rob Redden, a blogger with Upper Canada Stone Company, gave GreenTrade Expo rave reviews. “Thanks to all the staff at the LO Ottawa Chapter and those at Landscape Ontario for a job well done,” wrote Redden.

He continues in the blog, “The little sister to Congress is GreenTrade Expo, hosted by the Ottawa Chapter of Landscape Ontario. And let me tell you, little sister is sure growing up!”
Redden writes, “This year’s show in my opinion was the best yet. I have not heard official numbers, but one other exhibitor told me there were 17 more booths this year over last. The show felt bigger, the exhibitors seemed more enthusiastic and the show attendees more qualified. They showed up with questions, comments, product inquiries, and eager for knowledge.

The blogger wrote that with confidence, his company will continue to support GreenTrade. “If you’re looking for a few new customers, it’s one that I highly recommend.”

To read the complete blog, go to http://bit.ly/WU5coD.