September 15, 2010
The WSIB is making significant changes to its labour market re-entry (LMR) program.

This year, the WSIB is integrating its LMR and return to work (RTW) programs into the new Work Reintegration Program. This is an in-house service managed directly by WSIB staff. In a statement by the WSIB, “The intention is to make greater use of Ontario’s public education system to provide injured workers with relevant, practical skills that will help them return to work either with the accident employer or in the open job market.

The new program will focus on helping employers retain and retrain their injured workers.”

The key goals of the program are to:
  • Maintain the employment relationship between the worker and accident employer, where possible.
  • Reintegrate injured workers into decent, safe and sustainable jobs by providing workers with marketable skills and valid credentials.
  • Provide injured workers with effective and meaningful input and choice regarding training goals.
  • Ensure workers are fairly compensated for their loss of earnings.

WSIB staff will start managing Work Reintegration referrals starting in November of this year. New training and education services are expected to be in place by early 2011.