May 15, 2014
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Former manager of human resource development at Landscape Ontario, Terry Murphy CLP, has been inducted in the Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance (ORCGA) hall of fame.

The honour took place on Feb. 4 at the 2014 ORCGA annual symposium.

“As one of the most respected professionals in the landscape industry, Terry was recognized for his significant contribution to damage prevention in Ontario. His work on reducing damages to underground infrastructure caused by members of the landscape industry by 50 per cent over a short three year period is particularly outstanding,” said OCRGA Acting President and CEO Jim Douglas.

Murphy has been a member of the ORCGA board of directors since its inception in 2007. He has served each year since on the governance and nomination committee, as well as the audit, finance and review committee. Murphy writes a column that appears in this magazine; see page 28.

“In 2014, Terry was instrumental in organizing a Dig Safe focused event at Landscape Congress. This was well received by the attendees and provided the ORCGA with an enhanced opportunity to promote their Dig Safe message,” recalls Douglas.

“ORCGA, the landscape industry and the damage prevention industry in general across Ontario are very fortunate to have a consummate professional such as Terry Murphy,” stated Douglas.

He added, “I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Terry over the last few years. I sincerely hope that he continues to contribute to the success of the ORCGA, and in doing so, the landscape industry, for years to come.”