September 15, 2011
Steve Macartney
Steve Macartney

Co-owner of Raintree Irrigation and Outdoor Systems of Hamilton, represents LO’s Irrigation Sector Group on the board of directors, and member of LO Branding Committee

This issue features Steve Macartney, who has been a volunteer at LO since 2004. He has been designing, installing and servicing irrigation systems since 1991. He is a Certified Irrigation Technician and also an AWWA Certified Backflow Device Tester.

What inspired you to join Landscape Ontario?

My uncle (who started the company) always took me to LO meetings and social events, so we have been a member since I can remember.  He joined LO to be part of the landscape industry, cultivate contacts and to keep abreast of the latest industry technology and current events.

Where do you volunteer within the association?

I sit on the Irrigation Sector board as vice chair. I am also the provincial representative for the Irrigation Sector.

Do you have a favourite memory during your volunteer experience?

My favourite memory is when I was judging the CLT. It was a positive experience to watch the new students figure out irrigation problems. Some knew exactly what to do, while some others had a “problem solving” way of figuring out what to do (if you know what I mean). But all the students came away excited and enthused about our sector and the problems we in the industry face every day.

What benefit do you receive from volunteering?

One huge benefit is meeting new contacts within the green industry.  It is amazing how much knowledge can be found in this industry.  

What suggestions do you have to improve the association?

The leadership of LO is always promoting “the improvement of members” via business education, employee training and other programs. I like to see the continuation of these programs and the advancement of the industry.

Do you perform other volunteer work outside of Landscape Ontario?

I volunteer in the winter and I am also a hockey coach of two teams and help out with another team.