November 5, 2020

About WSIP


The Water Smart Irrigation Professional (WSIP) Certification Program provides contractors with the tools and knowledge to promote water-efficient irrigation practices to clients.

Participants learn about new tools and techniques to optimize irrigation systems for optimal performance with minimum water usage. Participating contractors also learn about new smart technology -- computerized systems that deliver water more efficiently and even take rainfall into account.

The WSIP training program features both in-class and field components. Training and access to an auditing software will also make irrigation assessments easier and faster. The result is significant water savings.

“Ontario needs [WSIP]. Canada needs [WSIP]”
Bill MacDonald, Owner, Angus Inground Sprinkler Co.

“The WSIP Program has given us a marketing tool that enables us to create profit while promoting water efficient practices and products. It has given us the opportunity to be leaders in a movement that our customers care about, and it has allowed us to show both our customers, and our industry peers, that we are committed to being an active and responsible member of the irrigation community.”
Tyler Burnell and Marc Craddock, Burtro Lawn Sprinklers Co. Ltd.