September 15, 2013
Statistics from WSIB show that for the third consecutive year, members of the Landscape Ontario Safety Group have demonstrated a major decline in lost days.

The LO report card shows that since 2010, Safety Group member companies went from 105.35 lost days, to 20.42 in 2012.

The Safety Groups Program promotes health and safety in the workplace through mentoring, pooling of resources and sharing of best practices between member firms, their sponsor and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). Member firms can receive, along with improved safety records, financial benefits in the form of rebates from the WSIB.

Landscape Ontario 2012 Safety Group consisted of 27 firms from many sectors of the industry.

LO manager of education and labour development Sally Harvey, CLP, CLT, says, “The benefits of belonging to the LO Safety Group are obvious as the statistics show. The awareness that is developed and the creation of compliant internal systems due to participation in the LO safety group in 2012 have definitely paid off with reduced incidents and accidents, as compared to industry members who don’t belong to the Safety Group.”

The 2012 report card shows the most common injuries were sprains, strains and tears, followed by cuts and lacerations. Other work place injuries on the list were inflammation and irritation of joints, tendons, muscles, and punctures.

The most common body parts injured were feet and ankles, followed by knees, lower back and fingers.

The WSIB report listed the most common cause of injuries among Safety Group members was bodily reaction and exertion. Other causes were non-collision accidents, struck by objects and falls.

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