September 15, 2012
When LO executive director Tony DiGiovanni requested members to tell us about volunteer work, Adele Pierre CLD of Adele Pierre Landscape Design in Caledonia, responded by writing that it was a great idea to let others know about members’ volunteer efforts.

Pierre told about two projects she was involved with over the past year or two. “I organized a summer adventure camp at Central Presbyterian Church in Hamilton for kids aged four to 12. The theme was Re:New - Caring for Creation.” The group learned about making compost, rainwater management, recycling, planting bulbs, and about the benefits of trees. The group also brought in a worm composter, hatched chicks, and had a couple of frames of honey bees.

“The week was an absolute blast. Over the past three or four years I have also been working with a team of volunteers to turn the church property into a lovely garden for the neighbourhood. The master plan for the property was actually part of my submission for CLD,” said Pierre.

Adele Pierre also volunteered her time on a project at Crieff Hills community. “This is a fascinating property, originally owned by Colonel Maclean (founder of Macleans magazine), and designed by Frederick Law Olmstead. There has been a recent addition to the conference centre and I have worked with a team of volunteers with plantings. Of particular interest was woodland that had been completely overgrown with buckthorn. The buckthorn was dug out and we replanted with all-native plant material. I am currently consulting with Peter Mitchell of the Centre for Land and Water Stewardship (University of Guelph) to discuss further projects.”