May 31, 2018
Lindsey Ross
Lindsey Ross

Lindsey Ross is the president of Living Green Landscaping in Winchester, Ont. A member of Landscape Ontario, Ross joined LO’s Peer to Peer Network this year during the face-to-face session, “The Business of Improving Business” held during Warm Up Monday as part of Congress 2018. Since then, Ross has been actively engaged in the Peer to Peer Network, attending face-to-face sessions across Ontario this winter, and participating in the online discussions with other like-minded business owners.

The Peer to Peer Network is free for any LO member business owner. According to Ross, “it is the single greatest benefit of Landscape Ontario; the chance for new business owners to pick the brain of a veteran business owner who has been there, done that. You can’t put a price on being able to learn from another professional’s years of experience.”

“The biggest misconception is that you have to come to the face-to-face sessions in order to be part of the group. You don’t!” Ross explains. The Peer to Peer Network is accessible to everyone. With a mixture of ongoing online discussion on the group’s private LinkedIn or Facebook pages, as well as face-to-face group discussions, there is something that will work for everyone. “If you aren’t able to attend the in-person sessions or don’t want to have to do the traveling, you don’t have to; just engage online,” Ross advises.

Ross believes that every business owner or manager should be a member of LO’s Peer to Peer Network: “Try it out and you won’t be disappointed. For all new members, this should be the first thing they do.”

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