June 15, 2018
After graduating high school, Giovanna Catenacci wasn’t sure which career path she should pursue. What she did know, however, was that she loved being outdoors.

“I started working in retail for an outdoors store and I had the opportunity to do some kayaking and backpacking trips.” Catenacci explains. “Eventually, I decided to look for a college program that would be a good fit and I came across the Landscape Technician program at Humber College.”

Giovanna quickly fell in love with landscaping and horticulture.

“My favourite part has been the propagation and working directly with plants,” Catenacci says. “I ended up getting a work study at the college in the greenhouse and my studies have complemented it so well. I have had the opportunity to propagate new cuttings, start plants from seed, and I have really enjoyed the process of taking care of the plants and seeing them planted in the gardens in the arboretum. It is really special to be a part of that process where the plants are beautifying spaces that people get to enjoy every day. Being able to work outdoors is probably the best thing ever.”

A 2017 Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation post-secondary scholarship recipient, Catenecci graduated from Humber College in April 2018.

“It was a honour to receive the scholarship,” she says. “I am paying for school on my own, so the scholarship really made a difference when it comes to all of extra expenses including field clothes and all the equipment that I need. I feel very fortunate and grateful to the Foundation for supporting me to pursue my goal of a career in horticulture.”

In September 2018, Catenacci will study urban arboriculture at Humber where she will earn an arborist certification.

“It’s a one year program that includes tree identification, proper maintenance, disease identification as well as safety when cutting down trees,” she explains.

Catenacci hopes to start her own business that specializes in maintenance and sustainability of properties.

“I think there is a trend where people maybe aren’t travelling as much as they used to, and instead, they want to create their own space at home where they can enjoy nature and the outdoors,” she says. “With the experience I have gained through the landscape technician program, the greenhouse work study, the arboretum maintenance work that I did last season and now the urban arboriculture course, I feel like a have a great foundation to begin working in the field. I’m passionate about what I do, and I’m excited to continue learning everyday.”
Giovanna Catenacci

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