January 11, 2018

New woody plants for 2018

Syringa ‘BailBridget’ Virtual Violet

Lilac with shiny violet new leaves, deep purple stems, raspberry-purple buds and fragrant violet flowers. Leaf petioles remain violet well into the summer. The dense, upright habit makes it a great choice for a hedge.
First Editions




Malus ‘DurLawrence’ Courageous Ornamental Crabapple

The Courageous ornamental crabapple has pink flowers and bronzy green leaves that emerge a maroon colour during original flush and second growth in mid-summer. A small number of very tiny fruit appear in late summer, and they contain no seed and discreetly dry up and drop. Grows to 6-8 m in height and 4-5 m in width.
Hardiness: 2. Bylands Nurseries




Diervilla splendens ‘El Madrigal’ Firefly Nightglow Bush Honeysuckle

Intensely yellow flowers from spring through summer glow bright against the dark red foliage, becoming more intense as the season progresses. Grows to a height of 1 m with a spread of 1 m.
Hardiness: 4. Hillen Nursery, J.C. Bakker, Van Belle Nurseries




Weigela ‘WoF/R’ Datenight Strobe

Bright pink flowers against green and bronze - then orange - then crimson red foliage. Grows three feet tall and wide.
Hardiness: 4. J.C. Bakker & Sons, Bloomin’ Easy




Magnolia x ‘Cameo’

Blooms are reddish purple exterior and a clean white flushed red-purple interior. It has a pyramidal- round habit and prefers full sun. Grows to a height of 4 m and a spread of 3 m.
Hardiness: 5. Hillen Nursery




Hydrangea arborescens ‘NCHA7’ Invincibelle Mini Mauvette

Unique purple blooms on sturdy stems that bloom from summer through frost. Grows to a height of 1 m and a spread of 1 m.
Hardiness: 3. Proven Winners, Hillen Nursery, Bylands Nurseries, Canadale Nurseries, Sheridan Nurseries




Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Little Angel’ Eastern ninebark

A very dwarf form of ninebark, Little Angel has orange-red foliage in spring that darkens to burgundy in summer. White flowers bloom in summer, followed by dark fruit. Grows to a height of 60 cm with a spread of 30 cm.
Hardiness: 6. Hillen Nursery




Hydrangea arborescens ‘NCHA5’ Invincibelle Wee White

Dwarf hydrangea with white mophead flowers that age to shades of green and pink. Grows to a height of 75 cm with a spread of 75 cm.
Hardiness: 3. Proven Winners, Canadale Nurseries, Byland Nurseries, Hillen Nursery, Sheridan Nurseries




Exochorda ‘Magical Snowdrops’ Pearl bush

This compact pearl bush promises a reliable flower display from one year to the next. In late spring, white flower buds swell from the soil line to the tips of every branch – opening to bright, cup-shaped flowers that continue blooming for three to four weeks. Grows three to four feet tall and wide.
Hardiness: 4. Plants Nouveau