November 2, 2020
New plants for 2021

New plants for 2021

Introducing next season's new plants

Each year, Landscape Trades magazine compiles a list of the most exciting plants that are about to hit the Canadian market.

The perfect hook for retailers and contractors looking to keep 2020's momentum going. All selections — annuals, perennial, roses, edibles and woody plants — are vetted with breeders in Canada.

In addition, some selections were trialed earlier this year by the University of Guelph Trial Garden program. Choose a button below to see the new plants and hear about some of their unique featured in a series of videos below.
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BONUS CONTENT — See some of the new plants

Join Trial Garden Manager, Rodger Tschanz on a tour of some of the new and exciting plants from the University of Guelph Trial Garden site at Landscape Ontario in Milton, Ont. For over 15 years, the research program has evaluated how new plants perform in the landscape for plant breeders from around the world. 



Calibrachoa Cha Cha Hot Diva Pink (Ball FloraPlant)

A look at the interesting characteristics of this new annual from Ball FloraPlant.

Petunia Headliner Electric Purple Sky (Selecta One)

This new annual from Selecta One offers vibrant colour and a trendy sky pattern.

Salvia Lancelot (Pan American Seed)

This new Salvia from Pan American seed drew a lot of attention at this year's open house.

Petunia Origami Thinkerbell (Dummen Orange)

This new Petunia from Dummen Orange is a semi-double flower whose unique centre does not hold water like a standard double, making it less prone to disease.

Begonias benariensis BIG White Green Leaf and BIG Reg Green Leaf (Benary)

Good for both sun and shade, the two new colours introduced in this series of Begonia are also extremely heat tolerant.

Celosia Sol Collection Gekko Green and Lizzard Leaf (Pan American Seed)

The Sol Collection of annual from Pan American Seed features both amazing colour and texture that are fast growing and best in full sun.

Petunia Bee's Knees (Ball FloraPlant)

A new petunia from Ball that features and intense yellow colour that puts on a show all season long.

Phlox paniculata Luminary Opalescence (Proven Winners)

This upright perennial from Proven Winners is part of an extensive powdery mildew trial.

Impatiens walleriana Beacon Rose (Pan American Seed)

With the same habit and plant structure of traditional impatiens, this annual is well-suited for window boxes, baskets or landscapes.

Plectranthus Colorblaze Royal Pineapple Brandy (Proven Winners)

The colour of this Coleus changes under different light levels and it's narrow yellow leaf features a thin red outline.

Impatiens Roller Coaster Series (Dummen Orange)

These New Guinea impatiens feature a very unique petal similar to a rose or hibiscus that perform best when not in full sun.

Petunia Shock Wave Purple Tie Dye (Wave)

The colours of the new plant in the Shock Wave series shifts with varying temperature and season.

Pelargonium Rosalie Antique Salmon (Syngenta)

This unique double flower features a white edging and a compact growth that makes it great for containers or as a living bouquet.

Podcast with Rodger Tschanz

Rodger Tschanz talks about managing the trial gardens at the University of Guelph, Landscape Ontario and the Royal Botanical Gardens, including standouts from this year’s gardens.