January 11, 2018
New perennials for 2018

New perennials for 2018


Achillea millefolium ‘Ritzy Ruby’ Yarrow

Naturally compact yarrow with flowers that begin ruby-red then mature to pink; a repeat bloomer beginning in late May to early June. Mounding habit, 25-35 cm tall and wide.
Hardiness: 4a-8b. Must Have Perennials




Dendranthema ‘Firedance Igloo’ Garden mum

Hardy chrysanthemum that has fire-engine-red daisy blooms with a hot yellow eye; covered with loads of 2-in. blooms atop a rounded plant habit. Grows 45-50 cm tall and wide.
Hardiness: 4. Must Have Perennials




Cephalanthus occidentalis ‘Bailoptics’ Fibre Optics

With creamy white, compact flowers, this buttonbush tolerates wet conditions well and is native to Ontario and Nova Scotia.
Hardiness: 4. First Editions




Salvia nemorosa ‘Rose Marvel’

Large, rich rose coloured sage with a long flowering window and reblooming without being cut back.
Hardiness: 4a. Darwin Perennials




Dianthus hybrid ‘Mountain Frost Pink Pompom’

Double rose-pink flowers rebloom consistently from early spring until fall, this china pinks has a tidy mounding habit and is tolerant of wet conditions. Part of the Mountain Frost collection which includes six colours. Grows 15-20 cm tall and 25-30 cm wide.
Hardiness: 5a. Darwin Perennials




Armeria pseudarmeria ‘Armeria Dreameria Sweet Dreams’

Heat tolerant and easy to grow, this thrift provides frost-to-frost lavender-mauve flowering with a tidy habit.
Hardiness: 6a. Darwin Perennials




Verbena peruviana ‘Balendluim’ Endurascape Blue improved

The Blue Improved verbena is one of eight colour selections in the Endurascape series. Hardy on the hottest days of summer, these verbenas can also withstand cold spring nights. Grows 20-30 cm. tall and 46-61 cm wide with better center flower fill and a more upright habit.
Hardiness Degree: -17.8 Celcius. FloraPlant




Dianthus x barbatus interspecific ‘Rockin’ Red’

‘Rockin’ Red’ dianthus overwinter in zone five and feature striking red, lacy flowers. Grows 46-61 cm tall and 25-30 cm wide.
Hardiness: 5a. PanAmerican Seed




Achillea millefolium ‘Ritzy Ruby’ Yarrow

Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Smoke Signal’ Little bluestem This selection features sturdy, tight, upright stems in blue-green and offers an amazing fall colour when it turns deep red-purple. Grows to a height of 1.2 m with a spread of 60 cm.
Hardiness: 3. Hillen Nursery




Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Twilight Zone’ Little bluestem

Twilight Zone stands out among little bluestems for its iridescent, silvery mauve colour that appears in midsummer and intensifies in the fall when bright purple highlights appear. Winter colour is a tawny gold. Grows to a height of 1.5 m with a spread of 60 cm.
Hardiness: 3. Hillen Nursery




Salvia pratensis ‘Midnight Model’ Fashionista Sage

The new Fashionista collection of salvia from Walters Gardens features big, bold blooms and bold colours. The series includes ‘Ballerina Pink’ and ‘Pretty in Pink.’
Hardiness: 3. Walter’s Gardens, Sheridan Nurseries




Hibiscus ‘Airbrush Effect’ Rose mallow

This new rose mallow has vibrant pink flowers with salmon tones that have an airbrushed central white halo and a small dark red eye. Overlapping petals create a three dimensional look to the flowers, and the rich, dark green foliage forms a compact habit.
Hardiness: 4. Walter’s Gardens, Sheridan Nurseries




Heucherella ‘Onyx’ Foamy bells

True black, glossy, deeply cut leaves on a dense medium-sized mound make this a great landscape plant.
Hardiness: 4. Terra Nova Nurseries, Valleybrook – B.C.




Echinacea 'Kismet Intense Orange’ Coneflower

Intense orange blooms that remain attractive for weeks and great bloom size on an upright, compact habit.
Hardiness: 4. Terra Nova Nurseries




Echinacea purpurea ‘Green Twister’ Coneflower

Lemon green petals with increasing carmine-red centres give these blooms their ‘twister’ look. Count on an abundance of summer flowers on sturdy stems when grown in full sun in average soils.
Hardiness: 3. Grows to 100 cm tall with a spread between 60-100 cm. Valleybrook – B.C. and Ont.




Hemerocallis ‘Spacecoast Freaky Tiki’ Daylily

This reblooming daylily has flowers that are a mottled medley of red, yellow and orange. Plants grow 50 cm tall.
Hardiness: 3. Valleybrook – Ont.




Hosta ‘Munchkin Fire’

This new miniature yellow hosta is ideal for fairy gardens or smaller landscapes. Plants grow 20 cm tall and form a clump about 50 cm wide.
Hardiness: 2. Valleybrook – Ont., Walters Gardens




Paeonia lactifolia ‘Kiev’ Dwarf peony

Large, single, bright pink blooms that soften towards a centre of creamy yellow stamens.
Hardiness: 4. Willowbrook Nurseries.