January 15, 2017
By J. Alex Gibson
LO Eastern Ontario Apprenticeship

Alex GibsonThe Apprenticeship Program provides employers a cost-effective and industry-specific tool for training staff. The program is a mix of 20 per cent in-class training and 80 per cent on-the-job work experience. Employee apprentices work with company trainers during their regular work day to complete the required on-the-job competencies log-book for the program. The apprentice also works for 12 weeks (usually January through March) to complete two in-class training sessions offered at one of five colleges (Algonquin, Fanshawe, Humber, Loyalist and Mohawk) across the province. The apprentice takes approximately three to four years to obtain all program requirements. Once these requirements are met, and the apprentices successfully pass their final exam, they will gain their Red Seal (a training designation recognized across Canada). A number of employers who have invested their time in the program have noticed improved employee retention and overall job satisfaction. Why not join the growing number of companies who are taking advantage of tax credits, financial incentives training benefits, and improved employee retention that comes with participation in the program?

Apprenticeship success story: Greentario

Located in Hamilton, Ont., business partners Lou Filice and Carmine Filice, CLP have 40 employees and have been serving LO’s Golden Horseshoe Chapter region for over 25 years. Greentario recently registered six apprentices and Carmine shares his thoughts on the program.

What benefits do you see in training your employees through the apprenticeship program?
A strong organization begins with a strong, well-educated and skilled workforce. My business partner and I are serious about providing upward mobility and building a skilled workforce. Through the program, each individual will increase their skill set which will benefit them personally and the team with which they work. The result, a stronger, more skilled Greentario.

What would you say to another employer who might be considering putting their staff through the apprenticeship program?
There is no down side to encouraging and providing avenues for your staff to increase their skills through training and education. A skilled worker is always an asset, regardless of their title or position.

Meet two Greentario apprentices

Kyle RamsdenKyle Ramsden
Kyle Ramsden enjoys tree planting and the ability to work outdoors in his first year in the profession.

What were your top three reasons for registering in the Apprenticeship Program?
  1. Government subsidies
  2. Employer encouraged me to participate
  3. Was looking for post-secondary training in the profession
What would you say to someone who might be thinking about registering in apprenticeship?
Consider this an amazing opportunity if you’re looking to break into the landscape profession. It will help improve your skills, as well as your productivity.
Corey MoffattCorry Moffatt
Corry Moffatt has been working in the landscape profession for nine years, and says the major benefits are working outdoors and that people really appreciate the work he loves so much.

What were your top three reasons for registering in the Apprenticeship Program?
  1. Further my career
  2. Great experience
  3. Study my passion
What would you say to someone who might be thinking about registering in apprenticeship?
It is a great opportunity to get the experience you will need to become a great leader in the landscape, maintenance and hardscaping fields.

LO is here to support you

For more information about the Apprenticeship Program or to register, contact Alex Gibson at 613-809-5093 or apprenticeship@landscapeontario.com and visit horticulturetechnician.ca.