May 2009

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Garden centres go proactive

LO’s Garden Centre sector group recently allocated resources to be sure its members use Green for Life to full advantage.

New online tool helps evaluate environmental practices

Green industry members can now take part in a short self-assessment survey to see how their environmental practices measure up.

HRTC tax credit and YOU!

Many questions surround the Home Renovation Tax Credit and how it pertains to the landscape industry.

Father and son buy Stam Nurseries

Gerwin and Gerrit Bouman have announced that they have taken over the business operation of Stam Nurseries.

LO Trial Garden size, scope and participation grows

The trial gardens at LO will double in size this year, but that’s not the only change that will occur in the project.

Industry pioneer passes

Landscape Ontario lost an industry pioneer on Mon., Apr. 13, 2009. Harry Bakker, founder of Maple Leaf Nurseries, passed away at the age of 76.

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Beth Edney honoured with Skills Canada Award

Beth Edney, a member of LO’s board of directors and chair of the Landscape Design sector group, is the recipient of the Glen Beatty Award.

Chapter celebrates Earth Day by greening school yard

Landscape Ontario’s Waterloo Chapter celebrated Earth Day, Apr. 22, by supporting a school yard greening project at Kitchener’s J. W. Gerth Public School in Doon South.

Established landscaper moves business into new era

While the present economic situation may scare many business people, it has inspired Doug Mooder to move his operation in a new direction.

LO welcomes new staff members

Melissa Steep and Mike Wasilewski