November 15, 2011
The signing ceremony on Sept. 30 was a real sight to behold. The room was filled with prominent Londoners representing business, government, press and the private sector.
The ceremony lasted just over 30 minutes and Grant Harrison (Chapter president) spoke eloquently about LO and its participation in the Veterans Memorial Parkway Community Initiative Program (VMP CIP).
While the signing ceremony progressed, various London LO companies and staff could be seen preparing the site for Saturday’s planting. The participating companies were quite impressive with their professionalism and donation of time, labour and equipment to this project. The two planting areas provide us with a successful template we can sell to the businesses and people of London.
Grant Harrison is a real testament to LO and has gone above and beyond the call of duty for this project. When I needed his advice/support, Grant has been there for us, working tirelessly for months implementing the VMP CIP. His participation has exceeded his role as the president of the Chapter, and this project would not have succeeded without his efforts. His level of dedication and effort to LO astounds me, and I believe he deserves special recognition.
Barry Sandler (member Area Special Projects Committee – Scouts Canada) has also worked tirelessly for this project for many years and he should also be recognized for his efforts. There have been many hurdles to the success of the VMP CIP, and Barry has kept the project focused and on schedule. It should be noted that Barry and LO’s London Chapter organized all the various components of the ceremony and planting day in just over 14 days.
The VMP CIP is a great example of the values and foundation of LO. Landscape Ontario is a tremendous trade organization and the staff members in Milton and London have been quite instrumental in the success of this project.
On behalf of the VMP CIP, thank you! Michael D. Martins Kimmick Landscaping, London