September 2, 2020
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LO Town Hall webinar

How to identify and implement 2021's profitability drivers

Wednesday, Sept. 16, 4:30 p.m.
Sure, sales are good now, but how do you manage your cash for later uncertainties? You do fantastic work, but how do you position your company to grow and prosper?

A panel of LO's Covid-19 Task Force members will join Warren, and answer tough questions on how their companies pivoted in response to pandemic challenges — and opportunities. Panelists include Jeff Olsen, Alan White, Peter Guinane and Dave Wright, with moderator Joe Salemi. In addition, Warren will share his Eight Drivers of Profitability and take your live questions!

Watch the Webinar:


More from Warren Coughlin:

Sales Help
For those wanting some fast but effective help increasing their sales results, I put together a short but high impact course called “The Sales Accelerator Formula”.  It’s what I used to turn my own results around 15 years ago.  It has 6 videos, a workbook and a checklist to be used after each sales call so that people can continue to improve.  It’s only $27 USD, so it’s meant to be accessible for anyone. It can be accessed at
Strategy Help
I mentioned that there is a great gov’t program called the Canada Ontario Jobs Grant that has been extended to March.  Because my strategy training deploys a proprietary software tool, it is unique in being eligible for this program.  It pays $6 for every $1 you put in.  To access it, you need to have a couple of senior people who would be involved in strategy execution as the owner is not eligible.  The outcomes are:  a detailed  SWOT analysis, a one page Strategic Plan, a 90 Action Plan, a team trained on strategy development and execution and guidance on implementation.  If any of your members want to access this, they can email me at 
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