December 15, 2020
Latest research projects featured online
Technician Elizabeth Huber-Kidby prepares to take water samples from each of the eight cells, each one containing a different filter media as part of a research project led by Dr. Ann Huber of the Soil Resource Group.
The Canadian Ornamental Horticulture Alliance (COHA) released its quarterly update on research projects via its COHA Connections website at

The bilingual research website is designed to strengthen communication between industry, funding partners and the research community.

In the latest update, Dr. Ann Huber of the Soil Resources Group shares her most recent updates on a project which employs an exciting new water filtration technology of interest to greenhouse and nursery growers. The  goal is to provide growers with a valuable and affordable approach to realize clean recycled water for their production needs.

Also, Dr. Youbin Zheng and his research team at the University of Guelph are part of a North American, multi-disciplinary team to reimagine and redefine Soilless Substrate Science to better meet the expanding range of crops and productions systems that are transitioning from traditional field soils into soilless substrates.  

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