July 15, 2014
Over one week in April, landscapers Derek Lippert CLP and J.P. Bartle of Quiet Nature in Ayr took to the water to raise money for the Grand River Conservation Authority.

The pair paddled their canoe for approximately 60 hours down the river to Lake Erie. The trip measures about 275 km. The duo’s efforts raised nearly $3,500. Lippert says, “That equals about 700 trees to be planted along the Grand River watershed. Awesome stuff!”

Both Lippert and Bartle made the trip last year, but were not able to travel as far because of low water levels in the Grand, the result of a dry season. This year was a different story with lots of rain, resulting in a longer route and more challenging waters to work through.

“Everything we have is dependent on the river, from agriculture to flushing toilets. We need to realize this and manage it properly, which is what the GRCA does. It’s an ideal partner,” says Lippert.