July 24, 2018
The Fertilization Guide for Container-Grown Nursery Crops, developed by Dr. Youbin Zheng, Mary Jane Clark and the Zheng lab research team, summarizes more than five years of applied nursery crop fertilization research conducted at nurseries and research institutions throughout southern Ontario. To our knowledge, it is the first such report of its kind, and is written in a way to clearly present results to all members of the industry. Filled with photos comparing plant growth under a range of fertilizer rate treatments and easy-to-interpret summary tables for multiple growing regions, this guide will allow nursery growers to quickly compare crop growth results. The guide includes many fertilizer types, growing substrates, container sizes and nursery crops and presents results in a straightforward, comprehensive manner. The information in the guide can be applied throughout Canada and the northern part of the United States, for nurseries with a similar climate conditions. This guide is recommended as the best reference manual for making nursery crop fertilization decisions.

Fertilization Guide for Container-Grown Nursery Crops