January 1, 2016
Ron Rosenberg
Ron Rosenberg


Double your money in 60 minutes


Let’s face it, there’s just too much going on in our lives to be able to keep everything in order. Between work, home, and leisure activities, our lives are so chock-full of details it’s amazing we remember anything at all.

Plus, with customers becoming more demanding, there is little room for error in your interactions with them. A strong memory can help you transform your level of service from adequate to exceptional.

Like any skill, improving your memory takes a bit of effort.  But the practical benefits make it a good investment of your time.  Here are some of the ways a strong memory can help you grow your business:
  • Helps your customers feel comfortable with you and your team
  • Makes working with you a memorable experience
  • Let’s you demonstrate exceptional knowledge of your products and services
  • Makes every employee in your company feel special

Strategies to improve memory

There are many strategies you can use to develop a great memory, but they’re all based on several easy-to-master principles.

First, learn how to make associations. To help you retain information, it’s useful to link one piece of information you know with what you want to remember. This is how we start to learn from an early age, and it’s simply a matter of recognizing, incorporating, and retaining the new information.

Next, it’s important to have a vivid imagination. The more unusual or bizarre the associations you make, the better the impression will be. You remember what’s unique and different, so it’s good to use “exaggerated visualizations.”  You can exaggerate your visualizations in quantity or size, forcefulness, or in how bizarre they are.  This will help them stick better in your memory.

And to remember people’s names and faces, the approach is straightforward, and often fun!  For starters, you must pay attention. To remember a person’s name, it’s important to actually listen when you’re being introduced.  How many times have you met someone, only to forget that person’s name seconds later?  

The key to remembering a person’s name is to make a ridiculous association between the name, and an outstanding feature of the person’s appearance.
For example, the person’s name is “Mike” and he happens to have noticeably large ears. You can imagine taking a handheld microphone and actually hitting him on the ear with it. Remember is to keep your associations to yourself. You don’t want to let Mike know he has huge ears!

Apply memory skills to your business

Understanding the basic concepts of memory skills will help you apply these tools to enhance your customer relationships and increase revenue in the process.

For example, your salespeople can memorize a list of options, that can be easily and confidently explained to prospective customers. Your field teams can use these skills to easily memorize details of a specific job, and mentally check off each item as it is completed.

You can learn and remember the names of your customers and recall details about their projects, even when you meet them away from the job site.

With all the mental clutter you carry around in your head, between work, family, and friends, it just makes sense to use every tool at your disposal to stay on top of your many overwhelming responsibilities.    

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