March 7, 2019
Tony DiGiovanni CHT
LO Executive Director

Landscape Ontario’s new association-wide strategic plan was officially adopted at the annual general meeting on Jan. 8 this year. Since then, Warren Patterson, LO president, has written a number of articles on the importance of this plan. Warren has also asked for volunteers to sit on the various committees. As usual, many of you have responded. We are fortunate to have such a caring and engaged community of landscape and horticulture professionals.

Many strategic plans end up being archival documents that barely see the light of day. Not ours. We are determined to use our plan to guide our future. Here is a brief update on our progress.
Several committees have already been developed to both guide our resources and advise on how to execute ideas. Please contact me if you have any suggestions, or if you would like to volunteer.

Hiring Hall Committee

Mandate: To explore the development of a profitable hiring hall model for employment, similar to some union and European models.

Landscape Ontario will directly recruit, educate and train employees, utilizing the apprenticeship, certification and professional development programs, then make those trained workers available to LO members. If companies are forced to lay off employees due to a shortage of work, the hiring hall will help to find them work with other members. Ongoing education and training opportunities will be offered in order to help make employees indispensable and more protected from lay offs. We will also explore immigration processes.

Technology Committee (technology audit)

Mandate: To oversee the development of a technology plan aimed at utilizing leading-edge technology in order to execute association operations in an effective, relevant and efficient manner.

This will include an examination of all processes, followed by a review of the technology available that can help to streamline and improve processes. The work will begin with the hiring of a consultant to perform a technology audit. The audit will inform future direction and help us to explore existing association management systems, content management systems, customer relationship management systems, data analytics programs, digital marketing programs, website development, etc.

Human Resources Committee (marketing strategy to attract youth and apprenticeship)

Mandate: To develop strategies that will reach youth, aged 15 to 25, in order to raise awareness for the many career opportunities available in the landscape and horticulture profession.

Employer of Choice Committee

Mandate: To define the characteristics, processes and systems of an Employer of Choice in order to create an aspirational model for employers.

One established, Employers of Choice would have first access to available employees from our Hiring Hall and will get preferential placements in the Apprenticeship Program. An award program will also be developed to recognize Employers of Choice and to promote better practices in the landscape and horticulture professions.

Professional Development Committee

Mandate: This committee will explore strategies to expand Landscape Ontario’s Professional Development Programs so they are easily-accessible to every member. This could include the exploration of different digital delivery systems, and/or partnering with suppliers to deliver education at a local level.

Marketing/Communication Committee

Mandate: To review our digital communication processes with the goal of improving engagement within our communication channels.

Landscape Ontario is one of the most successful trade associations in the world because we have such caring members who continue to take time to outline a plan that directs our future. The future is bright.
Tony DiGiovanni may be reached at