February 15, 2011
Landscape Ontario extends a grateful thank you to the many volunteers who gave generously of their time to help make Congress 2011 a success.

Congress Committee

Scott Beaudoin, Diana Cassidy-Bush CLP, Phil Charal, Terry Childs, Brian Cocks CLT (Vice-Chair), Douglas Coote, Paul DeGroot, Barry Dickson (Past-Chair), Beth Edney CLD (Vice-Chair), Nathan Helder, Michael LaPorte CLT, Brian Lofgren (Chair), Bob McCannell, Director Klaas Sikkema, Nick Solty, Monica van Maris, Jack VandeRee CLT.

Conference Volunteers

Adele Pierre CLD, Beth Edney, Camilla Ackroyd, Catherine Geraats, Diana Cassidy-Bush, Doug Coote, Edel Schmidt, Emily Bright, Gillian Hargreaves, Greg Redshaw, Haig Seferian CLD, Irene Bultena, Irina Polstvin, Ivan Stinson, Jack VandeRee, Jeff Lee, John Lamberink, John Moons, Kevin O’Hara, Klaas Sikkema, Laura Booth CLT, Bob McCannell, Liz Klose CLP, Margaret Stinson, Monica van Maris, Nathan Helder, Nick Solty, Sonya Iovino, Welwyn Wong, Mark Goodman, Kyle Tobin, Rohan Harrison, Tim Cradduck, Chris Le Conte.

New and Green Product Showcase

Michael LaPorte, Terry Childs, Klaas Sikkema

Student Gardens

This year three schools participated in building student gardens, which were coordinated by volunteer member Brian Cocks. The schools included, Fanshawe College (supervised by Michael Pascoe CLT, Jack Parker, and Jeff Rowley CLT of the Horticulture and Landscape Technician Program), Humber College (supervised by Harry Chang of the Horticultural Technician program with assistance from Brian Clegg (of Allweather Landscape), and Bendale Business and Technical Institute (under the supervision of Shane Jones of the Horticulture program).

LO Booth

Suppliers of products and services: Connon Nurseries NVK, The Plant Lady, Humber College – Microskills, Fanshawe College, HIStree.net;

Volunteers, Laura Booth, Paul DeGroot, Michael Cerelli, Doug Coote, Rick Harvey CLP, CLT, Ian Armstrong, Camilla Ackroyd, Sonya Lovino and many students from Humber and Fanshawe Colleges.