February 15, 2017
Nathan Helder, president of Gelderman Landscape Services in Waterdown, Ont. announced major changes to the company’s administrative structure.

Linda Hand is now the Health and Safety Manager, while Deborah Gendreau takes on the newly formed position of Director Human of Resources.

“Over the past ten years we have made significant changes in the operations and administration of Gelderman Landscape Services with new roles and responsibilities,” says Helder. “With this change, Gelderman is positioned for many years to continue our successful growth.”

Hand’s career journey with Gelderman Landscape Services began in 1997, helping the company grow from 40 to 110 employees. Her passion and background for health and safety makes her uniquely qualified to take on the role of keeping Gelderman employees safe on the job.

Gendreau has 15 years’ experience in the human resources field, having started her career in finance. Gendreau will focus on providing Gelderman with the tools to ensure employees are able to learn the necessary skills for their long-term benefit as individuals and for the company as a whole.

“We congratulate Linda on her new role and welcome Deborah to our team,” says Helder.

For more information, contact Jane Green, VP Finance and Administration, at jgreen@gelderman.com or 1-800-667-0644.