April 15, 2013
Carol Fulford
Carol Fulford
Carol Fulford of Gerrits Property Services in Pickering is known as a dedicated and inspiring volunteer.

Since 2004 Fulford has been a member of the Durham Chapter, serving as the Chapter secretary-treasurer since 2006. Her husband John also serves on the Chapter executive.

“I saw the great benefits of being involved in the Chapter,” says Fulford. “You can gain so much information simply through the networking opportunities at Chapter functions.”

Along with Chapter events, over the years Fulford has also volunteered her time at many other Landscape Ontario events, including Canada Blooms, Congress and governance meetings.

“I enjoy seeing the Chapter succeed,” says Fulford. And with the Durham Chapter, it’s easy to confirm that success with increasing attendance numbers at recent meetings. The past March meeting saw an attendance of over 80 members. With a membership of 160, attracting that many to a Chapter meeting is astounding.

LO’s membership and chapter coordinator Helen Hassard says, “Carol has been a dedicated and inspiring volunteer since before I started at LO. She helped me learn the ropes at the Durham Chapter and has continued to amaze me with her dedication and enthusiasm. How Carol finds time to do all that she does for the Chapter, while running the company she owns with her husband, raising a family and volunteering with several other charities, I’ll never know.”

Fulford gives a great deal of the credit for the Chapter’s success to the executive. “I have a great executive team to work with at the Chapter. The support from them is amazing.”

This month, Landscape Ontario magazine features the Durham Chapter profile on page 24.

The busy volunteer also gives a great deal of her time to other groups besides Landscape Ontario, such as Durham Community Care and Scouts Canada.

“I enjoy doing it, and receive great satisfaction from helping others,” says Fulford.