March 5, 2020
Given the recent global spread of the Nova Coronavirus, many employers are scrambling to implement policies and procedures to keep workers safe. Under Occupational Health and Safety Act laws, employers have a general duty to protect workers from known hazards, which may include pandemic flu and other infectious illnesses.

One way to meet this obligation is to establish a company policy for handling outbreaks. Workplace Safety and Prevention Services (WSPS) has provided a free tool, titled, Model Policy on Pandemic Flu & Other Infections Illnesses, businesses can adapt based on government templates and best practices.

The other purpose of the tool is to ensure a company maintains essential operations and can continue to provide essential services to customers.

WSPS also offers a Business Pandemic Preparedness Checklist that helps business owners and health and safety staff implement policies, and take a proactive approach to planning before a pandemic occurs.

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