April 9, 2020


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OH&S Toolkit
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Use the checklists for your business size to understand your health and safety requirements.


Download these sample health and safety policies to customize and implement in your workplace.

Training & Orientation

Training is an essential part of a health and safety program. It provides the knowledge and practice to prevent injuries and illness in the workplace. Check out the resources below…

Work Together: Internal Responsibility System

The Occupational Health and Safety Act is built on the principal that workers and employers must work together to identify and resolve health and safety issues. If you regularly employ 6-19 employees then you are required to have a Worker Health and Safety Representative (HSR). The HSR helps to identify workplace hazards and makes recommendations to you, the employer. If you regularly employ 20 or more employees, if your organization has a designated substance to which a worker may be exposed, or if the MLTSD has issued an order to have a JHSC, then you are required to have a Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC). The JHSC helps to identify workplace hazards and recommends improvements to the employer.

Worker Health & Safety Representative

(This training is not mandatory but recommended)

Joint Health & Safety Committee


Information to help you recognize and control hazards at and around the worksite. Use this information as part of your program development and orientation training program.

Mental Health

1 in 5 Ontario workers will experience a mental health problem this year.  ThinkMentalHealth.ca is a joint effort from Ontario Health and Safety System Partners to provide business owners with the resources needed to better understand and prevent mental health problems. Our goal is to help you, your staff, and your company stay healthy.

Safety Checks for Workers

Use our Landscaping Safety Checks to provide information to workers on how to work safely with specific hazards. Safety Checks can be used in orientation training, tailgate talks or even one-one coaching.

Landscape Ontario Workplace Safety Tailgate Talk

Developed in collaboration with Landscape Ontario, this landscaping industry booklet is an educational resource that a supervisor can use to highlight key health and safety information. Click on the following link… Landscape Ontario Workplace Safety Tailgate Talk for the Landscaping Industry

Business Case for Safety – Landscaping

Landscaping business case for safety

Small Business Advisory Service

Looking for additional support? Learn about the WSPS free Small Business Advisory Service where we match a health and safety expert to your small business.

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Next Steps

Now that you have covered many of the basic employer responsibilities, visit the WSPS Small Business Centre for more information and resources.


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