March 15, 2012
Waterloo Chapter members are rolling up their sleeves to donate blood through the Canadian Blood Services Partners for Life program.

Kimmy Adams, manager at R.M. Adams Trucking of Kitchener, says this is another way LO members in the Waterloo Chapter reach out to the local community.

“We have set our goal at 20 units of blood for the year 2012 and are well on our way to surpassing this goal,” says Adams. The Chapter signed up for the program in November, and set a goal of 15 donations for the year. “We managed to get 12 donations in only two months!”

Adams says Chapter members saw the need to reach out to people in the local community through ‘non-green’ means. “This program recognizes and promotes our Chapter as a caring, helping and involved partner in our local community,” she says. The Green for Life logo is proudly displayed at the front desk at the Canadian Blood Services Bridgeport Clinic.

Waterloo Chapter hopes other Chapters within the association will follow its lead in joining the “great cause which is saving lives every day.”

Anyone wishing to donate on behalf of Landscape Ontario Waterloo Chapter can inform the staff at the front desk before their donation. The Canadian Blood Services Bridgeport clinic is located at 94 Bridgeport Road East in Waterloo. For more information or to book an appointment, go to