February 15, 2015
Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition (GIO) has released a new series of short videos on green infrastructure.

The three-part “green infrastructure in the city” series covers a range of topics related to living green infrastructure. The videos outline what green infrastructure is and provide examples from around an urban setting. They also follow #greeninfrastructure John as he explores different types of green infrastructure, from tree-lined streets, urban parks and gardens, to green technologies such as green roofs and permeable pavement.

The videos highlight Ontario’s need for more green infrastructure and encourage everyone to imagine their communities if we invested in green infrastructure like we do in grey.

To view the video, go to http://bit.ly/1GoRoXS.

GIO is an alliance of organizations that share a common vision for a healthy, green Ontario where the economic, social, environmental and health benefits of green infrastructure are fully realized. Landscape Ontario is a member of GIO’s steering committee.