August 15, 2008
Robert Adams
LO President

tom intven During the past month I had the opportunity to participate in a great community event. The Georgian Lakelands chapter, along with many top notch organizations and individuals, built a house in three days! The 72-hour ‘Build a House’ was held to raise funds to help with the costs of creating a new Gilda’s House, supporting the families of cancer patients, which will be adjacent to the Regional Cancer Centre in Barrie. Organizers aim to have the new house ready for next year.

While participating in this project, I was taken aback by one volunteer who truly exhibits all the positive traits: enthusiasm, unselfishness and dedication towards our organization. We can only wish that everyone possessed these traits. That volunteer is Dave Holmlund, owner of Holmlund Landscaping in Wasaga Beach. Dave got involved as a volunteer with this project, without any thought or regard to what he would receive in return. Wearing his Landscape Ontario golf shirt and hard hat, he was on the job site at 6:00 a.m., while I was still sleeping. He committed himself to his six-hour shift and continued to work at different jobs, without hesitation, until I finally sent him home after supper time. If you don’t know Dave, he is really an unsung hero. He truly personifies what LO professionals are all about.

Dave is one of the founding directors of the Georgian Lakelands chapter, and is still a very active member. He contributed to many projects, inlcuding Beck Square in Wasaga Beach, Circle at the Centre in Barrie, many Arbor Day celebrations at local schools, and as our unforgettable Jumping Box character in the Barrie Christmas parade. Dave’s unwavering enthusiasm and dedication to the field is commended.

There are born leaders in life. These are the people who aren’t necessarily recognized, nor are they the ones elected to a position, or put in charge of a project. These people are the ones who take the time to devote their special talents, share their expertise and knowledge with others, believing in a bigger picture. Their quiet talents speak for themselves.

Sometimes we need to take a step back to see how far we have really come. Our organization is complemented by so many diverse and unique people that strengthen our chosen profession. Keep up the great work and continue to participate and share your knowledge.
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