February 15, 2013
Sean James of Fernridge Landscaping, Milton, teaches students at Mohawk College. He brought his second year horticultural apprentices from the college, giving them an assignment for a reading course.

Students asked, “Why is Landscape Ontario a good thing, and why is Congress a worthwhile show for an industry member to attend?

“The students were directed to be insightful in their interviews and observations, and they did a great job!” says James.

Some of what the students observed and their interviews follow:

Cam Poustie
After attending Congress, I wholeheartedly believe that every single company and or business that has affiliation with horticulture and landscape should be a member of Landscape Ontario. At this show I was informed of the many benefits of becoming a member of the organization. With membership, there comes a variety of advantages. One reason is that onlookers will view you and your company as far more professional.

Talking with Scott Mikes at the GMC booth was also very informative on the benefits of joining Landscape Ontario. He explained that with a membership comes a substantial discount on various vehicles and equipment. For example, there is $12,000 worth of savings on every GMC vehicle you purchase.

After a great day here, I highly recommend everyone who has an interest in the industry come to Congress. Employers love having employees who have an interest and are passionate about what they do. There is no better place than Congress to meet great employers and potentially set yourself up with a great career.

Suzanna Lusky
Interviewing Rob O’Brien of Lighthouse Sales Group revealed how Congress can help with sales. “Any time I can stand in one place and have customers come to me is a productive day,” he says, while demonstrating how quickly he can register new customers with a hand-held scanner, similar to the ones used in grocery stores.

Reaching out to customers in this way and through more old-fashioned method like shaking hands with passersby is the main reason Mark Ebel of Ebel Quarries in Wiarton has a booth at Congress. He says, “I only get down to the city a couple of times a year, so it’s a chance to see our customers face-to-face.”

Matt Brouers
I asked my first question and started getting the experience I was looking for. Every conversation seemed to flow so easily, because of my similar interest with everyone else who comes to Congress.

Everyone spoke very highly of Landscape Ontario and the trade show. I talked to Scott Meyers of St. Williams Native Farm. He told me about how you can get an exclusive look into where the industry is going, and how to experience the industry from just walking around in a place like this. All the connections everyone wants to make are here.  

Mike Prong
I spoke to Bill McKague of Gro-Bark Organics, who said,  “Landscape Ontario is at the forefront of the landscape industry, and being a member has a lot of benefits, both for a member company as well as the public. Landscape Ontario members strive to elevate the industry standard in regards to green and environmental initiatives.”

I was told that being a part of Landscape Ontario shows the public that your company is not only committed to excellence, but will also do the job with the environment in mind. The positive public perception a company gains by being a part of Landscape Ontario will no doubt increase sales and put a client’s mind at ease knowing that they have hired a company that is provincially-recognized in the trade.  

Congress is not like any other trade show in Canada; it stands alone. Whether you are an exhibitor or a show attendee, there is always something there to interest everyone.

Congress is a great place to make connections and meet like-minded people from your trade. In our industry, connections go a very long way. Each time I talked to someone, I made sure to introduce myself and give them my contact information. You never know when or if, knowing someone will come in handy. That’s why a trade show like Congress is a great place to meet new people.”