January 15, 2016
Casey van Maris
Casey van Maris
The name Casey van Maris is well-known throughout Landscape Ontario as a founding member and his work to see the association and industry flourish.

On Dec. 4, York Region Soccer Association officially inducted Casey van Maris into its Hall of Fame under the Builders Category. The Association honoured his contributions to soccer previous to his death in 1997.

Despite running a business and serving on the provincial board of directors for LO, van Maris found time to volunteer as a soccer coach. He eventually became the treasurer of the Canadian Soccer Association.  

In between, van Maris served in various volunteer duties, which included York Region Soccer Association’s founding president in 1982; serving on the Ontario Soccer Association’s finance committee from 1987 to 1991 and treasurer from 1989 to 1991; instrumental in building The Soccer Centre in Vaughan; and from 1991 to 1995, van Maris was president of the Ontario Soccer Association.

Landscape Ontario each year honours Casey van Maris with an award in his name given to the project in the Awards of Excellence “for the highest marks for execution of unique and innovative design in landscaping.”