July 15, 2013
Smart about Salt names Leanne Lobe as new executive director
Leanne Lobe
Smart about Salt Council has announced the appointment of Leanne Lobe as executive director.

Eric Hodgins, president of the Smart about Salt Council, announced that effective June 14, Bob Hodgins was stepping down as executive director and “taking a well deserved leave after steering and growing the program for the past two years.”

Lobe co-designed the Smart about Salt Program with Bob Hodgins and has been heavily involved with the program since its inception. “We are excited about the experience and leadership that Leanne will bring to the program,” said Eric Hodgins. The new executive director will be supported by LO’s Shawna Barrett, administrative coordinator, who will provide extensive administrative support to the program.

Lobe is employed as a supervisor of source water protection programs with the Region of Waterloo. She is taking on the Smart about Salt duties on top of her work with the region.

The council president praised Bob Hodgins for his work with Smart about Salt, saying he was a driving force of the program and worked tirelessly to build it over the past several years. “Bob should be recognized for his significant contributions to the snow management industry — not just parking lots and sidewalks through the Smart about Salt program, but on highways across Canada. We are committed to preserving Bob’s legacy through the Smart about Salt program.”

Bob Hodgins will continue to provide training and advisory support to the program and ensure a smooth transition.

The Smart about Salt Program continues to expand with more agencies requiring their contractors to be Smart about Salt Certified and more facilities being certified. The program expansion is also bringing sponsorship support.

“We are seeing a significant reduction in salt use by our member companies as they commit to being Smart about Salt,” said Eric Hodgins.

Landscape Ontario is a supporting partner of the Smart about Salt program.