June 15, 2016
Sipkens inspires a new generation
One of the many stations set up at Sipkens garden centre to educate and inspire young gardeners.
On April 30, Sipkens Nurseries garden centre hosted an event for the second year, inviting parents to bring their children for life lessons in the garden. Located in Wyoming, Ont., Sipkens places a major emphasis on educating their clientele on plants and all things garden related. Organizers took the opportunity to teach young gardeners some cool things about gardening.

Sipkens staff operated various stations in the greenhouse to teach young gardeners (and their parents). These included: pond fish; vermicomposting (worm composting); edible fruits, vegetables and herbs; insects in the garden that are good and bad; crazy plants, including the shrimp plant, living stones, venus fly traps, pitcher plants and tillandsia.

As the children reached a finish line they were all given the chance to pot up their own monkey-flower or tomato to take home, along with their newly-minted green thumbs.

Sipkens staff are hopeful the opportunity will encourage a new generation to take up North America’s favourite hobby and reconnect people with the garden and living things.