January 7, 2016
Sample proposal for residential renovation project
The following is a sample of a draft proposal for a residential renovation project. Insert your business name in place of the fictitious company, ABC Landscaping.
ABC Landscaping proposes to furnish all materials and perform all labour necessary to complete the work described below:
Design, select, supply, layout and install new landscape plantings for the backyard terraced garden areas (approx. 1,400 sq. ft.), as indicated by Mr Smith during our site meeting on August 18, 20__. The completed gardens will include summer blooming perennials, ground covers, native deciduous shrubs and evergreens. Triple mix garden soil will be installed to a depth of 12 in. A 2 in. layer of forest mulch will be applied to all plantings. Plant selection will include. Garden layout will resemble the sketch attached.
                                                TOTAL $ xxxx.xx + GST
Terms and Conditions
Plants are guaranteed for one year from installation providing adequate care and water have been provided. Guarantee is voided by damage due to snow load, neglect or wildlife.
A deposit of 50 per cent is required to confirm acceptance and before work commences.
Landscape projects will be invoiced upon completion of work. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. Interest on overdue invoices – 1 per cent per month. GST is applicable to all prices quoted.  GST # Rxxxxxxxx
Any changes in the work and the price to be charged for the same shall be made in writing by change order.  A delay in acceptance of more than 30 days will require a review of the proposal and re-dating before the agreement becomes binding.
Respectively submitted by
ABC Landscaping
Date:  August 19,  20__                                               Per: (OWNER)
                                                                                      (authorized signing officer)
You are hereby authorized to furnish all materials and labour to complete the work mentioned in the above Landscape Proposal and according to the terms thereof.
Date: __________________                                          ____________________________________                                                                                      
                                                                 (Client owner