August 4, 2021
Salt collection sites around the world
Atacama Salt Flats, Chile

Salt collection sites around the world

From our dinner tables to medications to de-icing our roadways — salt has long contributed to civilizations across the world.

Once a highly sought after good on ancient trade routes, salt has become a common commodity thanks to advancements in mining technologies. However, the way salt is collected across the world varies dramatically. In this special feature, Landscape Trades takes a closer look at some of the most significant salt mines, pans, bays, farms and flats, across the globe. bowl of cucamelons
Green Roof Danakil Salt Pans, Ethiopia
Green Roof construction Bima Salt Pans, Indonesia
Green Roof Prahova Salt Mine, Romania
Green Roof construction Maras Salt Mine, Peru
Green Roof Soligorsk Salt Mine, Belarus
Green Roof construction Walvis Bay, Namibia