January 15, 2012
Safety Group reaps benefit of WSIB rebate
It was a day of celebration in late November at the LO home office in Milton, complete with cake, when the 2010 Safety Group Program participants surpassed last year’s amazing achievement with a 5.74 per cent score out of a possible 6. A group rebate is shared according to each company’s WSIB contributions. In photo, Lawrence Medas of the WSIB joins company representatives with the group rebate cheque of $60,726.08. Companies taking part in the 2010 Safety Group include Woodhill Greenhouse, Kelly’s Tree Care, Municipal Maintenance, Courtland Gardens and Landscape, Lets Landscape Together, Appleby Landscape, Yorkshire Garden Services, Markham Property Services, V. Kraus Nurseries, Husky Landscaping, Services, Heritage Green Landscape, Stam Nurseries and Elm Landscaping.